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We have now developed cost-effective and efficient long-term strategies for our clients' asset acquisition and management needs. Our flexible rental programmes provide a properly structured asset acquisition and management plan. You predict and optimise your cash outflow and ensure your equipment is replaced in a structured and efficient manner that keeps pace with technology.

We offer greater flexibility through our Buy & Rent Back facility. If you have existing equipment we will buy it from you and then rent it back to you at highly competitive rates. We will offer you the greater of the book or market value, which will negate any accounting or tax loss on your part.

If your current equipment is financed through other institutions, we can settle those contracts so that all your equipment can be rented through us, and enjoy the benefits of our flexible rental programme.

Will you have the capital budget to replace your equipment when it needs replacing? Under our Technology Refresh Plan you can exchange a portion of the installed equipment during the contract term.

You also have the ability to shorten or lengthen your rental contracts during their term if the expected life of the equipment changes. In this way, you can structure an orderly and efficient replacement programme.

As technology continues to evolve, the challenge to any business reliant on IT is to manage the 'lifecycle' process. With new technology comes greater capabilities and the resulting upward spiral is a sound model on which to base your technology strategy.

DFS can help you gain a significant competitive advantage by allowing your organisation to respond to change rapidly. Using DFS as your technology resource, results in an integrated IT solution with a holistic approach to technology in relation to your business infrastructure. Protect and maximise your technology investment from planning to disposal to eventual transition to a new generation.