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Using a combination of proven financial products and Dell's unrivalled understanding of our customer's environment, an innovative and comprehensive range of financial alternatives has been designed to meet the individual needs of Dell customers.

We are able to offer co-ordinated, flexible and personalised services to all Dell's customers with an extensive portfolio of options from simple hardware rentals, to complex solutions involving the financing of multiple products ranging from hardware, software and services to asset audits, installation and contract management.

With the rapid pace at which technology advances in the IT industry, renting can be one of the smartest financial moves you can make. Renting enables you to maintain a standard platform and configuration.

More importantly for companies, renting allows you to ride the technology curve required to maintain your competitive edge in the marketplace, which taken together, allows you to reduce support costs and the overall cost of ownership of your technology requirements.

With us, you can rent all your IT equipment including hardware, software, peripherals, extended service payments and even a percentage of non-Dell products under a single rental payment. Custom payment structures that suit your budgetary needs are also available.

Whether you are renting Dell systems now or plan to rent in the future, we offer multiple services to facilitate your asset acquisition. We provide convenient payment options, simplifies your administrative process, offers equipment refresh programs, can lower your organisations technology costs and ensures efficient delivery through its fully integrated ordering process with Dell Computer Corporation.